Draft Schedule (subject to change)


Workshop Level Descriptions

Novice/Novice +For those who have up to 6-18 months experience dancing WCS, you know the basics and some variations, but are not necessarily confident on the dance floor. You want to improve your techniques and add more patterns to your WCS. *The pace of instruction will be Slow/Medium*

Novice +/IntermediateFor those with Novice or Intermediate WSDC Points. For confident dancers, comfortable with music and rhythm, and dancing experience (in workshops, competition and social dancing). The workshops will involve spinning, extension patterns, Rock & Go but also more complex lead/follow techniques, styling and musical interpretation. *The pace of instruction will be Medium/Fast*

AdvancedAt least 20 Intermediate WSDC points or Advanced/All Star WSDC level required to attend these workshops. *The pace of instruction will be fast and demanding*

Open Level For dancers of all skill levels. Workshops will be fun but challenging and will be aimed at all dancers who wish to improve or refresh their skills.


*PLEASE NOTE* We would like to avoid having a Level Audition Process as we would like everyone to have a choice and to avoid a potentially stressful experience at the start of your weekend with us. Having said that, we would ask that everyone respect the Workshop Level Descriptions written above and only go to the classes that fit the description of the level of your WCS dancing.
If you go to a class and find it too difficult, we would encourage you to move to a less difficult level so that everyone can have the best learning experience possible.

Thank you for your cooperation.