Warsaw Halloween Swing Covid 19 Information (August 2021)

Warsaw Halloween Swing 2022 has no restrictions required by the Polish Government at this time. We would like to let you know how we plan to operate the event to make everyone feel as safe as possible.

We truly believe that we can have a safe and fun event, as normal. This can be achieved by us all acting responsibly and being aware of the importance of using the extra precautions provided and actions as outlined below.

NOTE: Since the beginning of the pandemic, the situation has been fluid. If the needs arise, plans will be reviewed constantly and adjustments made as required.

Poland Entry Requirements for EU/Internationals
Masks are not mandatory/Hand Sanitizing
Social Distancing
Do not attend if you feel unwell
What to do if you feel unwell at the event
Fixed or Mixed partners

Poland Entry Requirements for EU/Internationals

There are currently no requirements or restrictions, but please feel free to assure yourself by clicking on this link to the Polish Govenment website.

Masks are not mandatory/Hand Sanitizing

Masks are no longer required to be worn by law, but please feel free to keep wearing them  if it makes you feel safer.
Hand Sanitizing –
Multiple sanitiser stations will be positioned in and around the hotel and ballrooms. These stations should be visited and used frequently by all attendees.

Social Distancing

Social distancing is not required and is hard to observe when dancing in close proximity. We ask that you are mindful of your interactions with people that not attending the event but may be in and around the hotel e.g. Hotel guests, Service staff, Taxi and Public transport staff.

Covid 19 Health status checks/Vaccinations/Covid Test

None required at this time.

Do not attend if you are unwell

It is important to act safely and responsibly if you are not feeling well, for yourselves, as well as your fellow dancers and friends.
Please think about this if you are feeling unwell or present any symptoms of Covid 19 in the lead up to the event. In this case we ask you to stay at home and not attend.
Find out more about the symptoms of Covid 19 here-

WHO Information on Symptoms of Covid 19

What to do if you feel unwell at the event

If you feel unwell at all, stay in your hotel room, do not attend the event activities. Contact one of the WHS event staff privately, immediately through the messenger app on the Facebook event page or us. WHS Staff will be happy to help get you over the counter medicines, further medical advice or attention if necessary.
Room sharing – If one person in a room feels unwell, then all room mates should also be aware and take precautions.

Fixed or Mixed partners

Be mindful that not everyone is ready to mix with others as freely as some.
Now more than ever, do not be afraid to say ‘no’, or feel awkward about someone saying ‘no’ to you. Just try to be understanding, as none of us know anyone else’s story.

If the event has to be cancelled, then full refunds will be given or as an option, your pass can carry over to Warsaw Halloween Swing 2023.

If you have any other suggestions on how we might make you feel safer please feel free to contact us via Facebook messenger on Warsaw Halloween Swing or Wayne & Aggi Swing.

Thank you for your support, understanding, dedication and patience.
Wayne & Aggi